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The Perks of Working at Addiko Bank

The Bank for Unconventional Bankers

Monthly food vouchers

You will receive food vouchers every month, which you can redeem at several restaurants. This way, you can quickly and spontaneously decide what to eat for lunch today.

Work @ home

We believe in allowing employees to decide for themselves where they work best.


With flextime agreements, you can manage your time yourself. Intensive times are followed by calmer times, which you should use for yourself.

Homeoffice reimbursement

Do you lack the equipment for your home office? No problem, we will reimburse you for the cost of purchasing it.

Collective accident insurance

With the insurance you are well protected against accidents.

Company outings

Skiing, beach or an adventurous trip - the Works Council organizes it!

Excellent IT equipment

The better your equipment, the better the way you work. You will receive a laptop as well as an iPhone.

Beverages & snacks

Coffee and brain food are everywhere, giving you the boost you need to get through the day.

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